Monday, June 18, 2012

Gone natural...brb!

So I’ve been bad about blogging. I know. I however HAD to make time to write this entry as the matter at hand seems to be miraculous/earth moving/even apocalyptic to some of my friends. I, Wainelle Alleyne-Jones, have gone natural. Yes. My hair is no longer, fried, lyed or dyed.

Pick your jaw up off the ground (may take you a while)…………and come to grips with the fact that I’m no longer the queen of all things related to a good relaxer. I’m sure your first question now that you can think again is “Why?” Well I guess the simple answer is it’s just something I wanted to try and promised myself I would eventually. Recently I got to the point where I couldn’t remember what my natural hair looked and felt like and figured it was time.

Six months and only two inches later (I’m convinced my hair follicles are so traumatised by relaxer, my hair won’t grow, lol), here I am. It’s been two days since I decided to wear my two inch hair in all its splendour, two days of nerves about the reactions I’d get. Surprise surprise they’ve been pretty much all positive.

Now before you comment on this post congratulating me on my new found enlightenment and consciousness, slow down. Some people may not be amused by this but my going natural has not been inspired by any such thing.  I’m actually a “Disengaged Natural”. See below link:

More power to those who are fuelling or are simply just a part of the ‘natural hair revolution’, embracing who you are in your entirety. (Shout out to my baby sis Asha who’s napptural to the end and has got me this far and my girl Yolande who’s creating fabulous products I love). Nuff respect to you all. That’s just not me. I’m disengaged and unashamed. I’m treating this as another style, just another experience. I’ve had weaves, pieces, braids, you name it, I had it. So why not natural hair?

So for those of you who had to reach for the smelling salts, don’t worry I’m still me. In fact, as I said to someone today, “Girl, I’d lye and fry my hair in a New York minute”.


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  1. The trouble I've had with salons recently, I'm tempted to join you...almost. I like it though. Try this:

    And make sure you read through this: