Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Rude and obnoxious

Rude and obnoxious people ANNOY me. As my grandfather always used to say, some people have no couth! While Granddad technically didn’t use couth in the correct grammatical sense as it is an adjective, the point is well taken. Some people just don’t have any.

Maybe I’m too touchy or ‘toucheous’ as the people say but Case in Point #1:
A friend recently got married and changed her name on FB by hyphenating her last name. How are you going to post on her profile/timeline/whatever: “You hyphenated your last name? Please tell me you didn’t do that.” Oh let me count the ways how that was rude:
  1.   It is her last name. She did not marry you (which is the only way you might arguably have a say in her name choice) so how is this your business?
  2. It is not your last name so again how is it any of your business?
  3. You didn’t even have the decency to not give your unsolicited opinion on the girl’s public profile? If it was burning you so badly, whatever happened to a private message??

Case in Point #2:
An acquaintance, note what I said, someone you just know, not a friend, proceeds to ask you loudly in front of a group of acquaintances again, about an aspect of your personal appearance in a manner associated with friend status. I won’t relay the rudeness that was unfurled on me recently cause people are too dangerous but the following that I’ve witnessed for myself apply:
  1.  “Wait? That pants fitting you very tight. You put on weight?”
  2.  “Oh you have a cold sore? So you have (genital) herpes?” Yes this actually happened…

People, people, people. When you are rude and obnoxious you expose yourself to cussing, washing off, embarrassment or even bodily harm. Please, think before you speak. Take a few seconds to think how you would feel or react if someone said what you are about to say to you. When an obnoxious act was perpetuated on me the other day, I was forced not to say anything as I was in the company of too many other people. To respond would have been trouble. Let me tell you though, the person was fortunate it didn’t happen ten years ago when I responded instantly once provoked and that so many people were around. It took all of my ‘couth’ to choke out a decent response. Granddad would have been proud.

Stop being rude and obnoxious people. So not a good look.